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  • Bamboo Slats

    Bamboo slats are manufactured by milling 3-5 year old 5 inch diameter moso bamboo into rectangular slats. Three sides of the bamboo are machine milled while the face side is left natural. This milling process makes installation simple while achieving the desired organic raw look of bamboo. Slats can be nailed, screwed, or glued to surfaces and are designed to sit flush with one another for complete surface coverage.

    Bamboo slats can be customized with wood stain products or left in their natural state.Bamboo slats are used for ceilings, wainscoting, counters, bars, and any other application where a unique, durable, and organic surface design is desired.

  • Bamboo Poles

    Jupiter Bamboo carries a variety of finished and unfinished poles.From 3/4" to 5" in diameter, our bamboo can be ordered cut to size and stained to your specifications.

  • Bamboo Halves
  • Bamboo Fencing
  • Bamboo Paneling

    Bamboo Paneling is a simple and affordable solution to covering walls, ceilings, bars, and wainscoting. Constructed by securing thin uniform bamboo slats to a thin mesh fabric, bamboo panels add a rustic sense of nature to any decor or theme.  Bamboo panels come in variety of colors and pattern, so that whatever your theme, you can find a panel that will fit your need.  Bamboo Panels can be attached to surfaces using standard adhesive products or alternatively a brad nailer.

    Bamboo Paneling products are 4ft tall and lengths of 8ft. The bamboo slats that comprise the panels are uniformly 11/16 inch wide and attach to a mesh fabric backing that rolls up for easy handling.

  • Bamboo Glass Tile
  • Woven Products
  • Thatch

    About Palm Thatch

     Bamboo thatch roofing is constructed from the leaves of palm trees. Palm leaves have evolved in nature to withstand the sun, the rain, and gale force winds. Thatching takes advantage of natures design: the palm leaves are cured, made into strips, and are then woven in rolls or panels. Palm leaves also have great insulation properties and keeps structures cooler than ones built with traditional materials. Palm thatch roofing is not just a beautiful functional roofing material, it also happens to be a highly renewable resource whose only processing requirements are boiled water and the warmth of the sun.


    Thatching Applications

    Palm leaf thatch, also known as rain cape, is used in applications such as tiki bars, awnings, palapas, and huts. Thatch is easily secured to surfaces or supports by simply stapling and overlapping each panel. Palm leaf thatch will last 3-5years depending on the climate but can last up to 7+ years in dryer climates. At more than 1 inch thick, Brazilian thatch is completely waterproof and will last 10-15 years and is ideal for commercial applications.

  • Bamboo Plywood

    * 100% natural bamboo

    * Stronger and more durable then traditional hardwood

    * 3 x more dense then traditional hardwood

    * Great for cabinets, countertops, furniture, base board, cap and chairs

  • Matting


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