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About Palm Thatch

 Bamboo thatch roofing is constructed from the leaves of palm trees. Palm leaves have evolved in n...



  • Mexican Thatch

    Mexican Thatch is popular and prefered commercial grade product that is both eco-friendly and economical.

  • Tahitian Thatch

    Tahitian Palm Thatch is popular roofing for outdoor structures and can transform your outdoor space into a tropical paradise. Our thatch panels are skillfully woven from dried palm leavesand are secured by sturdy nylon string for durability. Contractors and palapa builders often prefer Tahitian thatch. When compared to other natural thatch Tahiti thatch has a longer life expectancy at about 10 years.

  • African Thatch

    African Thatch is composed of 100% cape reed that is uniform in appearance and is perfect for roofing. Reed is naturally sturdy material that lays flat and does not diffuse outward like Mexican Thatch. Can be used as roofing material to cover umbrellas, tiki huts, gazebos and has a life span about 8 years.

  • Artificial Thatch

    Artificial Thatch is realistic and long lasting. A smart alternative to natural thatch because synthetic thatch does not mold, rot, shed or decay. Artificial thatch is pest resistant and is designed to last twice as long as natural thatch

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